Sunday 7 March 2021

Faith Pocock - Frame Drawer


   Morning crafty friends, today I have another  Faith Pocock Studio project to share with you

As always - the trick to Faiths projects is unpackage them and lay them out flat, that way if there are a lot of pieces then you get an idea where they go

I started assembling and gluing the drawers first

Then did the same with the main body of the project

At this stage I always walk away. I personally like to let the glue set overnight to save myself any frustration. 
Next day I painted drawers, main body and frame in watered down black paint

After all the prep, the fun begins. Choosing paper.... for this project I picked out Stamperia - Mechanical Fantasy.
Tracing and measuring around each area I wanted to cover

For the sides I found a round circle punch the easiest to get a nice round circle

Distress all the edges for that grungy look

Setting everything aside I worked on the frame

TIP: when gluing the boarder of the frame down, only glue the edges like photo, that way you can change the image/photo whenever you want to update it

Insert picture

Attach frame to main body and insert drawers
TIP: if you find drawers are a bit frim to open, just lightly sand the sides and top edge, then rub candle wax over surface

I LOVE anything to do with storage - you can never have enough of it. This now sits on my craft desk full of flowers. 
Until next time.. happy crafting

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