Thursday 18 March 2021

Faith Pocock - Easter Bunny

               Hello!  Today I have another project from Faith Pocock Studio just in time to hold all your                                                                              sweet Easter treats

This little fella comes in 6 pieces. I think it would suit even the younger crafter if they wanted to make something for the Easter Bunny to drop his/her eggs into!

I wasn't sure how many packets of eggs to buy... to my delight I had plenty left over after using less than one bag so I could sample the eggs as I made the project!

I covered with neutral woodgrain paper

Glued the head on and filled the eye socket with liquid pearls

I covered the bottom with green paper to reflect grass

I filled in ears, nose and mouth with stickles. These held up well compared to the liquid pearls which seemed to deflate and disappear. So I added a pearl drop in the socket. Cut some whiskers from an old paint brush, added a few flowers and bow, and lastly added any left over eggs I hadn't managed to stuff in my mouth! LOL

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